MOSAIC PLAYER is a video player designed for fix installation, conferences and live shows


Download the brochure: Mosaic Player Brochure

Download the Quick Reference: Mosaic Player Quick Reference



System requirements

Apple Machintosh computer running OSX 10.7.x or 10.8.x (if you need to run Quartz Composition, we suggest tu use OSX 10.7.x)

Supported codecs

Mosaic Player Playbacks all QuickTime compatible video and audio format or decoded by additional plug-in.


In example:

- MPEG-2

- MPEG-4 (Part 2)

- H.264, H.263, H.261

- Apple ProRes

- Motion JPEG

- Foto JPEG

- Quartz Composition

- etc

See Apple note HT3775 for the complete list

Alpha Channel Handling

Provided for movie with Apple ProRes 4444 format

Maximum number of movies

Unlimited and organized ina playlist with automatic and configurable crossfade

Playback modes

4 playback modes: stop at last frame, loop, timed ed autofollow. Playback speed and volume are configurable for each movie

Video Output Handling

Based on a configurable canvas extendible up to maximum area of 6 Full-HD

Color Correction

Applicable directly on the output


Applicable directly on the output

Playback Control

Via keyboard, MIDI or ArtNet

Power ON Configuration

Power ON playback movie can be configured





Mosaic Player V01.006: MosaicPL_01.006 Download

Mosaic Player V01.008: MosaicPL_01.008 Download

Mosaic Player V01.010: MosaicPL_01.010 Download

Mosaic Player V01.012: MosaicPL_01.012 Download

Mosaic Player V01.014: MosaicPL_01.014 Download

Mosaic Player V01.015: MosaicPL_01.015 Download