MOSAIC16 is a media server designed for conferences and live shows


Download the brochure: Mosaic16 Brochure

Download the Quick Reference: Mosaic16 Quick Reference



System requirements

Apple Machintosh computer running OSX 10.7.x or 10.8.x (if you need to run Quartz Composition, we suggest tu use OSX 10.7.x)

Supported codecs

Mosaic16 Playbacks all QuickTime compatible video and audio format or decoded by additional plug-in.


In example:

- MPEG-2

- MPEG-4 (Part 2)

- H.264, H.263, H.261

- Apple ProRes

- Motion JPEG

- Foto JPEG

- Quartz Composition

- etc

See Apple note HT3775 for the complete list.

Alpha Channel Handling

Provided for movie with Apple ProRes 4444 format

Maximum number of movies

255 Libraries of 255 Movie + Camera Input

Number of Layers


Video Output Handling

Based on a configurable canvas extendible up to maximum area of 6 Full-HD

Layer behavoir

- X, Y and Z Position Adjust

- X, Y and Z Rotation Adjust

- Movie Loop e speed control

- MIDI TimeCode Synchronization

- Color correction

- 2 Effects can be applied on each Layer

- Text handling using internal database or received in real time from iPhone/iPad free App

- Volume Control


Provided for each layer and on the output via Master Layer

Mediaserver control

Via ArtNet by several layer fixtures (6, 20, 42 , 58 and 62 channels) and 2 Master Layer fixtures (3 and 12 channels)





Mosaic16 V01.011: Mosaic16_01.011 Download

Mosaic16 V01.012: Mosaic16_01.012 Download

Mosaic16 V01.013: Mosaic16_01.013 Download

Mosaic16 V01.014: Mosaic16_01.014 Download

Mosaic16 V01.019: Mosaic16_01.019 Download

Mosaic16 V01.020: Mosaic16_01.020 Download

Mosaic16 V01.021: Mosaic16_01.021 Download

Mosaic16 V01.022: Mosaic16_01.022 Download

Mosaic16 V01.023: Mosaic16_01.023 Download

Mosaic16 V01.026: Mosaic16_01.026 Download

Mosaic16 V01.027: Mosaic16_01.027 Download

Mosaic16 V01.028: Mosaic16_01.028 Download

Mosaic16 V01.029: Mosaic16_01.029 Download

Mosaic16 V01.030: Mosaic16_01.030 Download

Mosaic16 V01.031: Mosaic16_01.031 Download

Mosaic16 V01.032: Mosaic16_01.032 Download

Mosaic16 V02.000: Mosaic16_02.000 Download

Mosaic16 V02.001: Mosaic16_02.001 Download

Mosaic16 V02.002: Mosaic16_02.002 Download

Mosaic16 V02.004 ARM: Mosaic16_02.004 ARM Download

Mosaic16 V02.004 Intel: Mosaic16_02.004 Intel Download